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Pump and Mixing Head

High Pressure Mixing Head

DMH High-pressure mixing heads are available in various models and sizes to meet all needs in the application of polyurethane foam casting, both in open mould as well as in closed moulds. DMH mixing heads are self-cleaning: they mix the components at high pressures and flow in a mixing chamber which is cleaned mechanically by means of a hydraulic piston. DMH high-pressure heads are light, small and extremely manageable. They can be easily mounted on robots or manipulators for automatic processing.


We are using in our dosing machines axial piston metering pumps. We are using in our machines axial piston metering pumps (12 cc, 28 cc, 55 cc, 107 cc, ). We also equip our machines with a magnetic coupling if required. Frequency-regulated drive units – the basis of a closed-loop system – are also available if required.

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